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Architects Wandsworth

We are inspired by your well-being and lifestyle

to create beautiful residential architecture

Welcome to Goater Jones, experienced RIBA Chartered Architects in Wandsworth, designing elegant, fully functional homes.

Your home is your one true love, a sanctuary you can call your own. So when the time comes for redevelopment, our Wandsworth architects believe in giving each and every aspect of it their utmost attention to detail - from adding basement spaces or loft conversions right up to Side Return Developments with Rear Extensions. Our architectural services seek to incorporate uniqueness and individuality within your scheme. We strive to achieve ‘best-in-class’ results that meet your specific aspirations, budgets and timeframes. For some homeowners, subdivision or amalgamation offer a route to development success. For others, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Whatever your motivation, Goater Jones offers a professional service that will navigate you on your journey to find the best outcome for you and your home


How We Approach Your Architectural Service Project in Wandsworth

Let's get our cards on the table and make a plan

The first and most crucial stage of any Architectural project is setting the brief and gaining a clear understanding of your requirements. The brief setting is a personal process where our structural engineer listens carefully to your ideas and discusses how we can support and incorporate these ideas into the interior design. We will guide you through the whole entire process from start to finish and clarify any complex areas around planning, building regulations and building contracts. Our architects will always be open, honest and accountable, advising you of any competing ideas or potential risks that may be encountered. Once the brief, timescales and fees have been agreed upon, your project begins in earnest.

The Devil is in the Detail

Be it at the Planning or Technical stage, we have structural engineers continually interpret your ideas into the initial concept design. We fine-tune, optimise and refine your ideas until the design has matured into a comprehensive body of work. 

Natural light, materiality, technology, and sustainability will all play important roles in interior design. We love a quality staircase, kitchen and garden space and will share these values with you so you can harness the best within your dream project.

Specialisation and attention to detail will be required for some parts of the design; our breadth of experience and willingness to try something new continually sets us apart from our competition.


Getting Value for Money

Once the architectural design is set, the procurement route needs to be agreed upon and a suitable Contractor chosen. There are often options with the tendering process depending on the complexity and timeframes of the project.

Indeed you may already have a trusted building contractor in the frame. Whatever the circumstances, Goater Jones will support you through the process, be it carrying out a negotiated tender with a trusted nominated contractor or undertaking a full competitive tender with multiple contractors, a Quantity Surveyor and a detailed Schedule of Works.

The goal is to find a procurement strategy and Contractor that closely aligns with your budget requirements and philosophic approach.

We have extensive experience using many forms of contract, procurement strategies and will advise on insurance requirements.

On-site, on time, on budget

We love to keep abreast of the project during its construction. Resolving site problems or identifying new opportunities is one of the most stimulating parts of our work.

The level of our involvement during the construction stage can be tailored to suit your needs. We may adopt a light construction role on a small or cost-conscious domestic project with monthly troubleshooting visits only.

For larger model projects our involvement tends to increase as we adopt responsibility for decision-making building control, and we act as lead consultants and contract administrators. For some developments, we adopt an even more central Project Management role, increasing autonomy, designing and controlling labour on-site, purchasing materials on behalf of the client etc.

Whatever your project requirements are, Goater Jones in Wandsworth, South West London will find a clear structure to serve your project best.


Architects Local to Wandsworth

Understanding your property's local culture and architectural style is important to us. Our experience working with Wandsworth Borough Council has given our team valuable insight into all aspects of getting planning application permission approvals when building in this area. As a result, we have project managers who can help with the planning permission process and provide a comprehensive design service tailored to your specific needs - ensuring a smooth process for our clients.

Get in Touch Today

If you are looking for an architecture firm in the Wandsworth area, Goater Jones is a great choice. We have a team of experienced and qualified architects who can help you with all your architectural needs.

We offer a wide range of architectural services, including architectural design, planning, building project management, and more. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective architectural solutions. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration in the architectural process, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the final product.


Architectural Services Across West London

Our firm services projects all over the UK, primarily focusing on London (RBKC, LBHF, Islington,  Kensington ,  Chelsea ,  Hammersmith ,  Wandsworth ,  Putney ,  Wimbledon ,  West London ,  Notting Hill ,  Chiswick  &  Richmond ) and the South East (Surrey, Hampshire).

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